Established in 2004 we have been successfully growing our event series for 17 years. We now have three events a year, held in Spring, Summer and Autumn and have completed 41 events. Playing host to 7845 different display cars over our event history. Held at select stately houses of Yorkshire where there are lots of things for families to do as well as our car show.

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SCITP - Autumn

Castle Howard

19 / 09 / 2021

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Castle Howard is a magnificent 18th century residence set within 1,000 acres of breathtaking landscape in the Howardian Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the heart of North Yorkshire. Visit and enjoy world-renowned collections, stunning architecture and inspiring family stories. Relax amid idyllic gardens, enjoy woodland and lakeside walks, and let off steam on the adventure playground.

Display cars

Display car tickets are only available from our website. Tickets for Group/Club and country parking entry closes on the Thursday before the event at midnight. Display tickets booked after that will be parked in a mixed late booking section on the display field. Tickets will still be available if we have not sold out on the day of the event to park in the late booking section.

Website support ends on the Friday night before the event as we will be at the venue.


Display cars arrival (Make sure you have a ticket, we don`t do pay on the day!)
All cars must arrive on-site before 12:00
Its not a lock in but we would like you to stay till at least 14:00
Departure (no rush, its a Sunday)

Public information

Public tickets are available from the venue website only. There is no additional cost to see our cars. We do have charities collecting on the day instead. This website is for Display cars and fans of our events. Any questions about prices, opening times, dogs etc please refer to the venue website. A link to the venue website is below.

We are a meet/event and as such we don't lock in the cars after 12:00, some will have been there from 8:00. To get the best out of the day make sure you are there around 12:00. If the weather is bad and you turn up at 16:00 most cars will have gone.

Our display drivers and cars attend to let you have a close look at the cars and talk to the owners. Please treat the cars and owners with respect. They are sports car fans and have brought their pride and joy out for you to look at. Do not lean on or touch the cars. An open door means have a look, not sit in the car. Clean shoes and nice attitude may get you a chance to sit in the car. Cars in the roped off section is an owners area only.

Market stalls - to book a stall click HERE for details

W12 DMK Detailers

SCITP - Summer

Looking for new venue

In: 07/2022


  • Display car parking for 500 - 1,000+ cars
  • Additional parking for general public
  • Used to handling large public events
  • Suitable access for low cars
    • Additional attractions in the grounds
    • Enclosed grounds (no open parks)
    • Private venuses only (non-council run)

    How do i get a display ticket?

    If you are already a member of this website then just log in and select tickets. You don`t have to be a member of a Club or Group.

    If your not a member of this website then
    Your car must be on the eligibility list to get a display ticket. If you can`t find your car don`t panic. You can suggest new cars for the list once you have registered.

    Club stands and Group parking

    We are happy for small and large groups to attend the meet. You can even use our meet as a mini-meet for your group. Marquees and signs for your group are also welcome.

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