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Why do i have to buy a ticket to display my car?

Our events are really aimed at sports car owners. We get heavily reduced venue hire and the venue can advertise it as an extra event for their calendar. Just think of it as a lot better than a car park to meet up and you wont go far wrong.

All costs of running the event are paid for by the sale of tickets and any stands/advertising. I send out a few newsletters a year to let you know what's planned. Your contact details are never given out to other people.

How do i get a display ticket?

If you are already a member of the website then just log in and the welcome screen will have a ticket icon to get things moving. If your not a member just click the register button.

Your car must be on the eligibility list. If you can't find your car don't panic. You can suggest new cars for the list

Club stands and Group parking

We are happy for small and large groups to attend the meet. You can even use our meet as a mini-meet for your group. Marquees and signs for your group are also welcome.

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No music or drones (SCITP event drone only).