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This is a list of frequently asked questions

If you can't find your answer here then try emailing me at

Dogs We welcome dogs; but they must be on a lead! See venue for their specific rules around dogs.
I am bringing something a bit expensive If there is anywhere you can park that's safe, its at this meet. I can arrange to mark off parking if needed.
Where is your ticket!!! Don't panic, i don't mail or email tickets, you print your ticket at home. Try ***CLICK HERE***. Scroll down to Step 3 : Tickers ready for printing. If your still having problems then email support
Think you messed up with the tickets!!! Happens now and again, just email me and ill sort it out.
I don't want to pay on-line is there another option Yes, i accept cheque's. There is a £1 processing fee because of company bank charges. Just email me.
I don't have a printer You will need to email me with your tickets details.
Had to change my car! Been there before so i can sympathies, email me and ill see what we can do.
Why do i have to pay for tickets to show my car, it should be FREE! SCITP is a semi-private event and are self funding. In effect we are a large group booking. The venue can advertise it if they want, in return we get a reduced ground rent.
Why stands and advertising It helps pay the bills which include staff costs, website development etc
Do i have to belong in a group No, it's a full mix of car club groups, groups of mates or just individuals. The point is to encourage mixing.
Is there a best car competition No, this goes against the SCITP idea. More apt would be a fly splat count for the best drive to the venue. Car clubs can organise there own if they wish.
What's 4-Instance Ltd Its a small software development company. It manages all the bills and income for our events.

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