Club stands and groups

Why registering your club?

We use the club stands/group to allocation space in the parking plan. Its very important that all your group members select your group when booking the ticket.

  • We do not charge extra for club stands
  • Reserved parking area (min 10 cars and maximum may be set)
  • Space for your marquee
  • Listing on this website for your club; including a link to attract new members
  • Admin control of your stand by club contacts (Approve, remove cars and update details)

How do i add my club?

Please check the list first before requesting your club to be added. If your club is not listed then add your club by logging in to the website and using the menu 'Club Stands->Add my club'. Fill in the form and i will review it and then approve it.

  • Groups must provide a Name, Description and link to website, forum or Facebook.
  • No commercial organisations allowed
  • Only small club sponsor adverts allowed on banners
  • You can handout Leaflets on your stand. You cannot walk around and hand them out or place them on other display cars.

Only people who have linked their SCITP membership to their car club are listed in the registered on SCITP count. To link your club membership to SCITP membership just click on 'Member information' menu option. Your ticket will default to your linked club when ordering your ticket. This can be overridden when ordering a ticket and after your have paid for the ticket.

Group NameCountryDescriptionWebSiteRegistered on SCITPLast time attended / PSOOC (Peugeot Sport Official Owners Club) Description missing52021
Abarth Club East Midlands Abarth Car Club0
Abarth Club North East Showcasing the best Abarth cars across the North East & West of England602021
Abarth Punto Collective Owners and fans of the Abarth Punto12019
Abarthisti Enthusiasts of the Abarth brand.22019
Aire Valley RS Owners Club RS Local Group - Cleckheaton ( RSOC )No link12021
Alfa Romeo Owners Club UK Description missing232021 Description missing72017
Alfabook Group for Alfa Romeo owners and friends of the marque142021 Description missing112021
American cars RUs (North east) American vehicle owners club 82018
Ariel Atom Club Description missing02018
Aston Martin Owners Club A group for owners of the classic british marque.252021
Astra #Twintoppers Club Group for owners of Vauxhall Astra Twintops help & info for fixing modifying etc regular meets & shows12019
Audi Owners UK Description missing92021
audisndubsuk all audis and vw only22017
babyBMW bmw 1 and 2 series owners42021
Battalion30five Nissan GTR Owners Group42021
BMW Car Club GB BMW owners club312021
BMW Club Leeds Description missing22021
BMWLAND/Forums Description missingNo link02018
Bosu 168 Description missing72018 Porsche Boxster owners and enthusiasts 112019
Car Collective Performance Car Club02021
Carver Owners Club (Independent) Description missing02015 Description missing72015 Toyota Celica - Generations 1 -792018
Chevin Motor Club A Motor Club for Motor Nuts No link42021
City of Leeds MG & Classic Car Club Description missing42019
Civic Type R FK8 Owners UK UK Honda FK8 (2017-2021 produced) Type R owners forum/club 82021
Classic Corvette Club UK CCCUK North East Region52021
Cleveland RS owners club Ford performance and classic 62019 Description missing52019 Description missing122021
Club Alfa UK The Club for all Alfa Romeo owners and enthusiasts72021
Club Voodoo Club Voodoo62016 Description missing12015
Cumbrian Scoobs Subaru Owners Club52017
DDM Description missing382021
DNA owners club Description missing52017
Domestic Disturbance Static modified car club for enthusiasts alike (any and all makes and models)02017
East Yorkshire RSOC Official East Yorkshire RSOC 92021
EEE By Gumball Rally Description missing52016
f-type owners club An active forum with over 700 F Type Jaguar owners32018
FABMOC Friends and Buddies Mini Owners Club22013
Ferrari Owners Club Ferrari Owners Club162021
Fiat Coupe Club UK (FCCUK) Description missingNo link82019
fiestamk7 Description missing02016
Financed & Furious Just modified financed cars. Changing the view on finance in the car scene0 Description missing62019
Focusrsoc North East, Yorkshire and Humber Region Focus RS Performance Cars62021
Ford Mania Fords of all eras42021
Ford RS Owners Club - Manchester Group Ford RS Owners12019
FRAMEworthy Small car group based in West and North Yorkshire 32018
FTO Owners Club Description missingNo link12018
FULL ON MINIs MINI Club for the North East, UK42019
Grinnall Scorpion Owners Description missingNo link102019
GT86/BRZ NORTH EAST UK A club were you can show off your cars and meet with local lads 112021
GTR CARTEL GTR owners club12021
Harewood Drivers Club Monthly car and coffee meets for car enthusiasts of all makes and models. 162021
Harrogate Modified A group for anyone and everyone make and model 12020
Hartlepool Car Club Selection of cars from Abarth's to R8's62021
HorsePower Torques Car Club like no other22017
Hsv & holden owners Hsv & holden enthusiasts 62021
IBOC (International BCNR33 Owners Club) Nissan Skyline GTR (R33) 1995-1998 model0
Italian Replica Club Italian recreations62019
Jaguars Enthusiasts Club Description missing132021
Just Dubs UK V.A.G & performance car club Description missing62015
Killa UK Description missing22015
Kong Gang Up and coming North Yorkshire based car club for like minded individuals in the car scene No link12019
Leeds Subaru Owners Club Description missing112021
Leeds Supercar Meet Description missing732021
Lexus owners club For lexus cars52019
Lotus 7 Club GB Description missingNo link02014
Marlin Owners Club Description missing32017 Mercedes Benz Enthusiast Club102021
Megane coupe owners club Description missing1 Description missing32016
Mercedes-Amg Private Lounge Worldwide community of registered AMG owners supported by Mercedes-AMG at Affalterbach82021 Description missing162021
MGF and TF North Yorkshire Group Facebook based group for all MGF and TF owners in Yorkshire232020
midnight club tuning and modified02018
Mini Owners UK MOUK Mini Owners around the UK 22021
Mitsubishi Lancer Register The MITSUBISHI LANCER REGISTER is an independent organisation dedicated to the owners and enthusiasts of Mitsubishi Evo and Lancer Turbo performance models..22018
Modified Addicts Modified carsNo link12019
Modified North East Motor Group North East based car group for a wide range of cars. 12021
Modz In Motion mixture of modified cars 92017
Morley Car Club A local car club for any rare , performance or classic cars 22021
MR2 Drivers' Club mr2 drivers clus272021 Description missing342021
Mustang6g Ford Mustang 6th Generation42018
MX5 Doncaster SY MX5 (OC) enthusiasts in Doncaster South Yorkshire12020
MX5 Owners Club Description missing1262021
MX5life Description missing32018
NE-5's - MX5 North East England Local North East group for all eras of the MX5.62018
NE-VAG Northeast of England based VAG groupNo link52021
NEFOC & friends NEFOC & friendsNo link52019
NG kitcars Description missing22017
Norfolk & Suffolk Supercar Owners Club A club of 350+ members of Supercar Owners0
North East Audi Owners Club Audi car group based in the North eastNo link62019
North East Ford and Performance Variety of old and new models from Fords to Nissan12018
North East subaru Scene Subaru enthusiasts22021
North East Supercar Owners North East Supercar Owners52021
North West Kit Car Owners Group Kit Car enthusiasts charity based in support of Claire House Children's Hospice. 500+ members FB based0
NORTH YORKSHIRE PERFORMANCE DRIVERS For Drivers Who want to Drive Their Cars and not just Look at Them82019
North Yorkshire RS Owners Club RS Owners Club22019
Northern Cobra Club Cobra owner/builders throughout Yorkshire02021
Northern monkeys performance ford sporting fords 42021
Northern Porsche Club Description missingNo link32019
Northern Roadsters Kit car enthusiast12017 Description missing142021
OnTrack Automotive OnTrack Car Club, Based In Yorkshire, All Cars Welcome32019
P1WOC Impreza P1 Web Owners Club22021
Park with friends We are not in a group but would like to park together12021
Pennine Retro Sports We are local club that has some rare cars from the past including Escort Cosworth Rally car to a Fiesta RS1800 and many more that can be seen on our facebook page1
Pist "N" Junkies Modified car club, variety of cars, all friends :) 02021 Description missing212019
Poor boyz uk Car club open to all0
Porsche Club GB Description missing792021
Pre94 Classic Car Club For all cars 112016
R32 Owners Club (R32OC) Description missingNo link12021
R36 Owners Volkswagen Passat R36 Owners Club22019
Rat bastard crew Rat look mainly, but we have a very wide variety of styles 32021
RCZ Owners Club The largest RCZ Group on Facebook162021
RCZ UK Peugeot RCZ UK Facebook Group112021
Refined UK For the Car Enthusiast by Enthusiasts82019
Renault 5 GT Turbo Owners Description missing12019
Renault Turbo Owners Club (RTOC) Renault Turbo Owners Club (RTOC)62019 all renaultsports forum192021 Description missing22013
Ripon Motor Sport Club The club for all motoring enthusiasts in Ripon. Contact us through the website to see what we have going on12016
Rising-Sun.Uk Japanese enthusiasts - Celica, MR, Supra, 350Z, 240SX122021
Robin Hood Owners Club Description missing82019
RS4 Owners Club (RS4OC) Owners of Audi RS4s (all variants)02019
RSOC Description missingNo link92021
RSSOC Reliant Scimitar and Sabre Owners Club02019
RX-8 Owners Club Description missing32021 Description missing22021
SC:UK ( We're the leading free Sports & Supercar Car Owners Club, organising exclusive events, drives, tours, factory visits & more centered around a passion for cars.692021
Scirocco Owners North East Description missing52017
Simply Modified Description missing22018
Simply Mustangs UK A club for all UK Mustangs - classic & modern / LHD & RHD172020
Skyline Owners Club Description missing52016
Skyline Owners Forum Description missing102017
SLK Owners Club Our ethos is simple “enjoyment without snoberry”. It doesn’t matter to us if your car cost £200 or £200,000 your value as a member of the club is the same and everyone will be treated equally as a member.162021
South Yorkshire RS Owners Club Description missingNo link02010 Description missing172021
ST220 Enthusiasts Club for Owners and Enthusiasts of the Mondeo ST220 and ST TDCi0 Description missing1
Super Cars Yorkshire Club SCY Convoy Car club members142021 Description missing52021
swedishmetal swedish vehicles02019
The Classic Porsche Owners Club The Classic Porsche Owners ClubNo link12019
The Independent Porsche Enthusiasts Club (TIPEC) Description missing242021 Description missing62017
Toyota GR Yaris Owners Club Toyota GR Yaris Owners Club22021
TR Register Description missingNo link52021
TVR Car Club Description missing1062021 Description missing22019
Tyne & Wear RSOC Tyne & Wear RS owners clubNo link22020
UK Crossfires Club For UK owners of Chrysler Crossfires12017
UK S2000 Owners Club Honda S2000 Owners Club232021
UKscoobies Description missingNo link32016
unseen uk modified and performance22020
UrbanVip Club Modified performance carsNo link12019
Volvo Owners club North East UK Volvo owner club for modified and standard cars of all ages 62019 Description missing132021 Description missing302019 Description missing222019
West Yorkshire Modified Motors Friendly car group like static meets and looking at others cars and showing our own42019
Westfield Sports car club Description missing32021
WYSOC West Yorkshire Subaru Owners Club212021
XKEC Jaguar XK & F-Type enthusiasts club92020
XR Owners Club UK Description missing62021
Yorkshire and Humber ST Owners Description missing92021
Yorkshire MINI Owners Club A club for all modern / BMW MINI’s182020
Yorkshire Motor Car Association (YMCA) Car enthusiasts from YorkshireNo link52021
Yorkshire performance cars Car group for mature enthusiasts No link22019
YORKSHIRE RCZ OWNERS GROUP Peugeot rcz enthusiasts 22021
Yorkshire Smart Club Description missing152019
Yorkshire Supercar Owners Club Supercar prestige 622021
Yorkshirejdm Japanese car enthusiastsNo link0
Z4 Register BMW Car Club GB - Z4 Register22021 & Description missing442019
Group total1764

Individual SCITP MembersMembers
Not with a group3870
Total SCITP members5634
Key:Club has not attended for more than 5 years; it will be removed soonMissing informationNever attended

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