Established in 2004 we have been successfully growing our event series for 17 years. We now have three events a year, held in Spring, Summer and Autumn and have completed 41 events. Playing host to 7845 different display cars over our event history. Held at select stately houses of Yorkshire where there are lots of things for families to do as well as our car show.

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How do i get a display ticket?

If you are already a member of this website then just log in and select tickets. You don`t have to be a member of a Club or Group.

If your not a member of this website then
Your car must be on the eligibility list to get a display ticket. If you can`t find your car don`t panic. You can suggest new cars for the list once you have registered.

Club stands and Group parking

We are happy for small and large groups to attend the meet. You can even use our meet as a mini-meet for your group. Marquees and signs for your group are also welcome.

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