Our History

The first meeting on the 18th April 2004

On a spur of the moment, I approach Bolton Abbey and put a note on the www.pistonheads.co.uk forum. I put together a basic website and off we went! It started as simple as that and it has taken years of negotiating and development to get to here.

Who organises the event and why did I start it?

I started it because i got fed up with all the good car events being held down south. I have had various cars over the years MX-5, TVR Griffith 500, TVR Cerbera 4.2, TVR Cerbera Speed Six, Maserati 3200GT and currently have a Porsche Boxster. So i though it would be a good idea to bring together all the car clubs big and small; as well as individuals. I just needed the venue that could cope.

Is this my full time job?

No, at best its a part time job throughout the year. It dose require a lot of time organising and developing the events. Lots of things have to happen before the events as well as on the day.

Any money earned from tickets and advertising dose not cover the effort put it. Money from it is used to pay for website development, website support, banners etc. I still do this for the fun and the fact I am a car nut.


Over the years we have attracted advertising and stands to the event. This is because the two CITP events have become quite big in the Yorkshire/North car calendar. Getting stands and advertising is also a big part of the job and takes a lot of time and effort.

Where is SCITP going?

We are going through a small change in name as a lot of clone events have started up causing a bit of confusion. We are also sportscars so the name was changed to clarify this.

Bigger and better, I would like to keep growing the events as two big northern gatherings of mixed sports cars.

I would like to get a summer meet organised as well as a few smaller meets. Suggestions for new venues are welcome.

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