Our event history

The first meeting on the 18th April 2004

On a spur of the moment, I approached Bolton Abbey and put a note on a forum about the event. I put together a basic website and off we went! It started as simple as that and it has taken years of negotiating and development to get to here.

Why did I start it?

I started it because i got fed up with all the good car events being held down south. I have had various cars over the years MX-5, TVR Griffith 500, TVR Cerbera 4.2, TVR Cerbera Speed Six, Maserati 3200GT and currently have a Porsche Boxster. So i though it would be a good idea to bring together all the car clubs big and small; as well as individuals.


Just a small note from myself. The events are run by me (Chris) with assistance from my family. Luckily for you we are sports car fans who enjoy doing these type of things. All new venues, planning, website coding and support, gallery, video editing, advertising, social media and approaching sponsors is done by me.

Some things take longer to do than others, like finding new venues. It requires me to make multiple trips to the venue to check on suitability and coordinate with the venue before each event. That`s why I stay with trusted venues. All my event experience running SCITP has been gained the hard way. I have had a few bumps along the way and adjustments have been made.

We used to have lots of lovely people to help out but as the events grew I had to move to bringing in the professionals. The core team is made up of external security, first aid and stewards with large events experience. They help set up, control display cars and the general public on event day, help with the takedown and tidy up.

Because I have a core team that now manage the day, I now have time to enjoy and promote the events. I am normally taking photo`s, videos, live streaming or flying the drone. I am always happy to have a chat when I get a spare moment but on the day it can be a bit busy.

Don`t forget the post-event photo processing to get images onto the gallery. The financial side to sort out. The exit gate video for Newby Hall. After all that I feed the social media beast with new photo`s and video`s when I get spare time. I also get a lot of photos donated at every event which is much appreciated.

If you would like to help me then please go to the volunteering section. There are a number of roles available that will help the events grow.

I hope you enjoy the events and appreciate the effort that goes into them.

Kind regards

Chris Crossley

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