Volunteer roles

To help the event to grow. We require a number of small jobs to be done before the event and on the event day. Roles don't involve a long time commitment. At most a few hours to allow you free access to the event for everyone in your car and parking in the show field.

Role: Core team

Time: Before and including event

As our events have grown we need to expand the core team. Tasks will be varied but nothing too hectic.

Role: Setting out

Time: Day before event - After 12:00

We already have a small team who set out the site before the events. We are looking for people to assist with this process. It will involve marking out club stands to plan. As well as installing signage for parking areas etc.

Role: Sponsor welcome and stand management

Time: Morning of event - 8:00 am to 10:00 (normally)

Welcome sponsors and help them to stand spaces in the main sponsor or market area.

Role: Roped parking control

Time: Morning of event - 8:00 am to 12:00 (normally)

Manage roped parking area making sure only cars on the list get in to the roped section.

Role: Clean up

Time: 3pm Onwards

Assist in tidying all signage, stand posts, marker tape and any residual litter (normally very little litter).

Role: Photographer/Social media

Time: 8am to 4pm - event day

Take photos and videos of the event. Access all areas 18+ only. Must supply raw photos/videos for reasonable use by SCITP. All credit is given and copyright it retained by you.

Role: Sales

Commission based role. Attract sponsors to our events.

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